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Development Note

I am modifying the process for this project. Since I am still only posting my own material a year after I started it, I'm starting to import the ASV as a starting point. This is for my convenience, as I can quickly modify the ASV into a minimally usable state for my own work.

You can see the number of verses in each state in the status box below. I will be importing all of the text of the ASV into the system very soon, and it will be minimally machine modified as it is imported. After that, I will be editing and then revising the text as I go. I will still be basing most of my final work on draft translations that I make for my own study, and I will simply replace revised ASV material with those. I hope this will not be inconvenient for those who use this system, but it will help me with my ongoing work, especially on Biblical prayers.

Check back here for more information.

Currently Available Passages

Available Passages

For a list of passages that are currently available, I have provided an available passages index. This lists chapters that have at least one verse translated. To find out which verses, simply click on the chapter number and all available verses will be displayed.

Whole Books

Entries here are not necessarily final translations-this translation is always under revision and will remain under revision. This simply means there is at least a draft of the entire book available.


Index of Outlines
Book and passage outlines allowing you to display the Biblical text with the outline points or to view the outline alone.

Background Data

This translation project resulted from the way I do Bible study, which almost always involves producing a study translation. I have been using these in my lectionary notes (currently suspended but to be resumed starting with Lent 2005), and in producing study guides (forthcoming study guide on Hebrews (ISBN: 1-893729-23-0) and Revelation (ISBN: 1-893729-25-7), largely because of copyright issues--If I produce my own translation, I don't have to worry about verse limitations, especially when publishing on the internet. I have decided to make my work on these translations available without restriction for similar use.

These translations are intended for:

  • Comparison with your own study translation
  • A text to which you can attach notes where copyright could be a consideration.

  • Anywhere you need a text that is not restricted by copyright, but don't want to use the KJV or other translation with archaic language
  • A basis from which you can make revisions in producing your own translation for the same purposes
  • A source from which you can display Bible verses on your web site
  • A source of notes and ideas for Bible translators

It is not intended for:

  • Replacing standard committee translations for use in study or public reading
  • Replacing functions that can be fulfilled by such sources as The Bible Gateway, The NET Bible, or the Better Life Bible. These are all resources I recommend, and if they suit your purposes, I recommend them ahead of my own work. You can get help choosing a good Bible version using my Bible Translation Selection Tool.
  • Because I will be posting draft translations and then working on them with public comment as I go, this material should not be used uncritically

Licensing, Copyright and Use

You may use this material freely, provided you identify your source and provide a link. A simply link to this page with a text note such as (TFBV) is sufficient. If you have used the material for comparison, there is no need for credit any more than with any other version. If you modify the material, please state this, such as "Modified from the TFBV," with appropriate link. Since the work is under constant revision, I recommend strongly including the date you download the material from this site if you copy it.

This means you can download this, print it and sell the result (though I can't see why you would!). There is no percentage requirement of your own work. You can use it in study guides, church bulletins, commentaries, on your web site, or anywhere else you want. There are no licensing requirements.


How the Translation is Produced

When I create a study translation, I upload it to the database. It will be tagged as "Draft." As it is revised and confidence increases, I will increase the revision confidence number. (Note that when I'm writing this (1/2/05), the number is not displayed, but it soon will be.) The higher the confidence number, the more the text has been reviewed. Confidence numbers of 10 or above are reserved for scriptures which have been reviewed by multiple qualified persons, whose work has been integrated into the translation. (See below for participation options.)

How Can I Contribute?

The primary option for participation is by reading the translation and e-mailing me lists of my mistakes, or suggestions for improving the readability. Those who would like to make a larger contribution can e-mail me, and get involved in creating or revising translations or even taking responsibility for portions of the Bible. I will remain responsible for the overall result. There is no money involved in this, as this translation is not for sale, but I will create a list of contributors with whatever contact information you desire. It's a labor of love for me. Again, as I write this, I'm the only contributor and I have no idea who might like to become involved.

Scripture Lookup Form

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Using this Translation

If you don't want to simply display the text desired and copy it, you can link directly to the database by creating an IFRAME and using ene_scrip.php as your SRC. The reference is provided in GET format, so for Psalm 1 you would use the following:

<a href=" 1">Psalm 1</a>

This will look like: Psalm 1

Yes, for the moment you must use the full name of the books (Psalms). That will be fixed soon, along with search and an index of the available passages. Be patient. I'm doing all the translation and all the php scripting at the moment.