Information Management Services

Henry E. Neufeld, doing business as Energion Publications offers information technology services and management packages designed for small business. We include:

  • Full computer management packages
    Our network management contracts are economical and comprehensive. We will examine your needs and calculate contract costs by the month, quarter, or year. You pay one flat rate and we take care of your information management needs. We use Avast Managed Workplace and Cloudcare to remotely monitor your systems in order to prevent problems and fix them quickly if they occur.
  • Low contract rates
  • On-site Training
  • On-site Support
  • Custom development
    You have the advantage of our custom software development experience for any specialized software needs you may have. We will also recommend commercial software and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions for you. Our customers can save $$$ by talking with us before choosing software or hardware for their system.

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