For many, God is a distant, frightening entity. God may be personal, but they would not think of him as having a personality, much less an enjoyable, friendly, relatable personality.

Author S. J. Hill has spent years studying, and more importantly experiencing this topic. He has counseled many people, young and old, whose ideas about God left them frightened and hopeless. He has also experience the presence and love of a wonderful heavenly father who has a fascinating personality.

The result is his book What’s God Really Like?: Unique Insights into His Fascinating Personality.

What if God can laugh and dance? What if the One True God is affectionate rather than angry, beautiful rather than mean and ugly, deliberately weak instead of a cosmic bully?

S. J. Hill pulls back one veil after another, allowing you to see God as few authors have ever described. This God is actually joyful and beautiful beyond anything you’ve possibly ever imagined.

This book is a powerful tool for personal study. As you read, you will be ushered out of the hog pen of prodigal living and personal striving and into the healing arms of a Father who wants to dance with His sons and daughters.

It is also a powerful tool for teaching and ministry. The way we think of God will impact our experience and our ability to live a fulfilling Christian life. The way a teacher thinks and teaches about God can be either helpful or very destructive to those he or she teaches. Imagine what could happen in our churches if we gave witness to a God such as this.

Whether you’re reading it for yourself or using it in teaching, What’s God Really Like? will change your perception of God and it will change you!

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Pages: 130

Dimensions: 0.31″(h) x 6″(w) x 9″(d)

ISBN13: 978-1-63199-496-8

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018935549

Date Published: April 9, 2018

Author: S. J. Hill


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