When you have a problem meeting your goals using your computers, you don’t need just a typical computer guru—you need the Goal Gurus!


Guru Clash!

A Typical Computer Guru thinks . . .

The Goal Guru thinks . . .

This machine is faster, thus better.

Does this machine keep the secretary waiting?

This program is very powerful.

Can the graphic arts department use this program to design better illustrations more quickly?

How can I teach these people to use these machines?

How can I find machines that will meet these peoples’ goals with the minimum training cost and time?

Everyone needs the fastest computer available.

Individuals need a computer which will help them accomplish these tasks.

If it’s newer it’s better.

Is the current equipment getting the job done?

What equipment do you need?

What do you need?

Let’s get these people adjusted to these machines!

Let’s get the machines adjusted to the people!


As your Goal Gurus, we will . . .

  • Ask you what your goals are
  • Observe and learn your procedures
  • Determine what will make your operation more efficient at accomplishing your goals.
    If appropriate, we will refer you to other resources.
    You might not need our further services.
    If you don’t need us, we’ll be the first to tell you!
  • Recommend solutions clearly in writing.
  • Discuss those solutions with you.
  • Implement an agreed upon course of action.
  • Coordinate with you throughout implementation.
  • Follow-up to make sure our solution solved the problem.

To get Henry & Jody Neufeld, the Goal Gurus, working for you, e-mail: ncs@hneufeld.com or call us at (850) 525-3916.