2018 has been a year of tremendous growth for Energion Publications. With growth comes some adjustments, but the best part about growth is watching new authors grow into their second, even third book, finding their God-given voice. And then there are seasoned authors who receive the testimony, the insight into the subject for their 30th or even 50th book! Here are the books that touched my spirit as I worked on them this year. All of them are also available in eBook formats.

Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows by Wanda Thompson

I have seen Wanda’s pictures on note cards over the years and have always been in awe how her photos of a single branch and leaf can strike me as a work of art! Now she shares with me (and everyone else!) her conversations with God through His Psalms and her art! This is a gift that those I love have been receiving, sending them the message of God’s love. Perfect.

Deluxe Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-585-9 $35

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-538-5 $25

Devotion Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-612-2 $8

What’s God Really Like?: Unique Insights into His Fascinating Personality by S. J. Hill

Once upon a time, S. J. was a teacher at the ministry school my daughter attended. He seemed to have a great discipleship relationship with the students, sewing seeds or encouraging seeds to grow in the fertile ground that was provided in that spiritual environment.

Fast forward a few years and S. J. offers a manuscript to Energion to consider for publication. As I read the proposal, I could see how he was able to connect with young Christians to encourage them to come closer and learn more about their Abba Father. He was encouraging me to do the same in this manuscript! A bonus to being his editor! Another gift to those I love to learn more about the One who loves them!

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-496-8 $9.59

The Devil is in the Details by J. Hamilton Weston

Pastor John Weston encourages us to pay attention to details in our spiritual life like inertia and various distractions that creep into our lives with little ripples felt in our days. The picture on the book cover, the snake camouflaged in a tree, illustrates very well the deceitfulness of Satan. The Apostle John wrote warnings to the seven churches in his time and yet, they ignored the warnings and here we are 2000 years later still getting surprised when our lives fall off the rails. What happened? How important is my spiritual health? What am I willing to invest in myself and those I love?

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-540-8 $10.39

Letting Go by Linda Estes

This is the third devotional book by Linda. This is an extraordinary, overcoming woman who will speak to the reader whether they are female or male, older teen or senior saint. Linda shares her thoughts about life with candor, not claiming that “everything will work out okay” but that it is God’s strength and wisdom that will guide us in a path that will bring us through with Him, never alone.

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-616-0 $10.39

Beginning and Ending a Pastorate by William Powell Tuck

Dr. Bill Tuck is a very prolific writer who has given so much to the Body of Believers. In this book, which is part of the Academy of Parish Clergy’s Conversations in Ministry Series, Dr. Tuck brings his years of experience to help congregations and ministers make the transitions from letting go of a departing minister, using an interim pastor, and receiving a new minister. Combining practical suggestions for the transitions as well as principles of God’s good grace and mercy which can produce positive attitudes and continuing spiritual transformation of all parties involved.

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-556-9 $7.99

This last book came out late in 2017

The Energy of Love: Reiki and Christian Healing by Bruce G. Epperly

As a retired nurse, I’ve known most of my career that a person’s spiritual health directly affects their physical health. I even gathered data for a study done through Duke University in which a certain group of patients on treatment received prayer. They showed a significant less incidence of side effects during treatment and the number of patients without disease at five years was also higher.

Dr. Epperly does an excellent job (in a 44-page Topical Line Drive booklet) at giving the reader an overview of healing practices from various spiritual practices. It isn’t about determining one type is better than another or that prayer is better than medicine. Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal. – Dr. Epperly

Paperback Edition, ISBN# 978-1-63199-434-0 $4.79

Note: All prices cited in this article are 2018 Christmas sales prices.