This is just a short note. I couldn’t go much further without recommending my key tool without which I could not live. That is jEdit with a variety of plugins. By itself, jEdit is an excellent little text editor. With … Read More

MacroEditor Problem

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I tried to install MarcoEditor for Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird last night. Note that there is a warning on the support site about problems uninstalling the macro due to old format XPI file. I had no intention of uninstalling it, however, so I … Read More

OpenWatcom C/C++

I have just downloaded OpenWatcom C/C++ to try. Since I rarely use C++ professionally any more, but still like to tinker, I want to see if there is a good open source option for me to play with. For maintenance … Read More

OO Basic Guide

There’s an important OpenOffice BASIC guide that I failed to mention previously. It’s official, and the main index of the help file for OO BASIC, so I assumed it without mentioning it. It is Programming Guide for BASIC on … Read More

Audacity Audio Software

I put out a couple of minor podcasts (Running Toward the Goal and Bible Pacesetter Podcast), and I’ve worked through a number of options for audio software. Recently I’ve started to use Audacity. I’m not an audio expert. What I … Read More

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