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As a means of teaching myself how to program OO Draw using OO Basic, I am trying to duplicate some of the functionality of a game mapping system I wrote some years ago using C++. I’m going to post my earliest material here just because it took me a bit of effort to find out how to do these simple things.

First, I wanted to monitor the mouse pointer for mouse clicks. This requires creating a MouseClickHandler, which the wonderful document from Andrew Pitonyak’s site, Useful Macro Information For OpenOffice. This is a tremendously useful document, and Andrew Pitonyak has also written a book, Macros Explained.

The rest comes from the StarOffice 8 Programming Guide for BASIC, another extremely useful document along with the API documentation at I recommend working your way through both Andrew Pitonyak’s macro document and the Programming Guide before trying to understand the api docs. That’s not advice coming from on high–I’m still working my way up from totally confused to a bit less confused.

In any case, my intent with this code was to monitor the mouse click, and put the coordinates as text into a draw shape. Since I don’t see many Draw macros around the web, and none in the Code Snippets database, I figure it’s worth blogging this. When I get to where things are a bit more tested and more useful, I’ll submit some snippets myself.

In any case, here is the code:

REM  *****  BASIC  *****

Option Explicit

Global oDocView as Object
Global oPage As Object
Global oMouseClickHandler As Object

'The MouseClickHandler routine is adapted in minor ways from Andrew Pitonyak's macro document
'available from
'Run RegisterMouseClickHandler and then simply click anywhere in the window.
'Mouse coordinates are not adjusted for the drawing area.  That's something I'm working on
Sub RegisterMouseClickHandler
  oDocView = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent.CurrentController
  oPage = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent.DrawPages(0)
  oMouseClickHandler = _
  createUnoListener("eneMap_", "")
End Sub

Sub UnregisterMouseClickHandler
  on error resume next
  on error goto 0
End Sub

Sub eneMap_disposing(oEvt)
End Sub

Function eneMap_mousePressed(oEvt) As Boolean
  eneMap_mousePressed = False
End Function

Function eneMap_mouseReleased(oEvt) As Boolean
  Dim sMsg As String

  With oEvt
	'If there are any modifiers or the click is with the right button, we ignore.
    If .Modifiers = 0 and .Buttons = 1 and .ClickCount = 1 and .PopupTrigger = 0 Then
    	sMsg = "X = " & .X & " / " & "Y = " & .Y
    	'Set the mouse coordinates as the text for shape "Info" which is on the drawing
    End If
  End With
  eneMap_mouseReleased = False
End Function

'This function goes through the list of draw shapes and puts the info text in the one labeled info.
'This is obviously not a very efficient approach, but I haven't found anything to locate shapes by
'label, and I also wanted to show how one can get to the shapes.  At least to me it wasn't obvious.
Function SetShapeText(sLabel as String, sText as String)
	Dim iCnt,i as Integer
	Dim oShape as Object
	If oPage.hasElements() = True Then
		iCnt = oPage.getCount() - 1
		For i=0 to iCnt
			oShape = oPage.getByIndex(i)
			If oShape.Name = sLabel Then
				oShape.String = sText
				Exit Function
			End If
		Next i
	End If
End Function

The comments should help. There must be a shape with the name “Info” for this to work. Here is the whole test drawing as it stands so you can download it if desired.

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  1. Andrew Pitonyak
    | Reply

    Very interesting macro.

    You mentioned that you could not find many Draw macros. The Draw/Impress chapter from my published book is available as a free download from the publisher. Just thought that I would mention it!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thanks! Your book is on my "buy" list, and I'll look for the free chapter. Moving from VBA to OO Basic is an interesting task.

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