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Playing with my Palm Centro Camcorder and YouTube

This is pure enjoyment and playing around. I’ve been wondering how one would video blog using the Palm Centro. I’ve seen a few video blogs that look like they were done on such a machine, but I wasn’t certain how to do it. So this morning when I was recording my audio podcast, I also videotaped myself, and I have posted the result on YouTube (embed below).

This means a 4 minute video, so it was large, and the Palm Centro said too large to upload directly. I had to transfer it to my notebook and upload from there. I will have to test this out to see what size the Palm can manage to upload. Obviously video blogging on the road, the only place one would want to produce this type of video, must be done in small enough bits to send to YouTube or any other service directly from the PDA.

In any case, here is the embed:

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