Bloglines vs Google Reader

Using my own blogs only, I was comparing Bloglines (which I use) to Google Reader (which I check occasionally).  When I made the choice to work primarily with Bloglines, I thought it was the more popular reader, and wanted to watch the subscriptions to my own blogs.

While I blog in a few other places, I do my primary blogging in three places, all spawned from my original Threads from Henry’s Web blog.  Today I checked those three, and here are the results:

Blog Bloglines Google
Threads from Henry’s Web 32 43
Participatory Bible Study 7 24
Jevlir Caravansary 1 3
Totals 40 70

Aside from the fact that I’m not breaking any popularity records here, Google has more subscriptions to all three.  Considering that visits to Jevlir are normally in the single digits per day, three subscriptions is actually astounding.

So I guess my original assumption was wrong, though perhaps at the time it was right.  At this point, at least for my blogs, Google Reader appears to be leading by a substantial margin.

Note that I do not have special “subscribe” buttons on my site for either reader.

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