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Useful Posts on GIMP

I use GIMP for almost all my graphics work.  It’s actually often too complicated for me, as I’m not very artistic.  Nonetheless when one of the artistic people wants me to do something, I go to GIMP.  I’m not going to pay for Photoshop when most of what it does is quite beyond my skills.

There’s a helpful series on GIMP right now at OpenOffice.org Training, Tips, and Ideas.  You may ask what GIMP has to to with OpenOffice.  Well, not much directly.  But I can testify to the value of the combination of OpenOffice.org, particularly the Draw module and GIMP working together.  The illustrations and charts for one of my company’s recent books, The Messiah and His Kingdom to Come: A Biblical Road Map, were done with that combination to quite good effect.

You can find all the posts in this series via this link.

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