Slideshow Gallery Problem

I installed Slideshow Gallery on the Energion Blogs site, and ran into a problem.  Unfortunately I used “Network Activate” (which was not what I wanted to do), rather than just activating it for a single site.

The result apparently tries to get user privileges before the appropriate includes are loaded.  The solution, however, is simple–don’t Network Activate the plugin.  I doubt it’s a very useful option.  After digging my way out, (by adding require_once(‘pluggable.php’); as the first line of wp-includes/capabilities.php, and then removing it after I deactivated the plugin), I simply activated the plugin only on the individual site that needed it.

( Blog, which are a, are available free of charge and represent a quite capable WordPress install.  I’m always an e-mail away if you want a theme or plugin added, always provided the addition meets security requirements.)

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