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Libre Office Living Up to Its Name

Libre OfficeI have long been an advocate of OpenOffice.org, and have some of my commercial clients using it. For most business needs for an office suite, it provides more than enough capability, and saves companies large amounts of money, even if they make significant donations to the project.

I was disappointed in the latest version of OpenOffice, however, to find that I could no longer save to the Microsoft Office OpenXML. That’s helpful to some of my clients, if for no other reason than to prevent them calling me to find out if their correspondent will be able to read a “.doc” file as well as a “.docx“.

You can download Libre Office from their website, and you can find another brief review on Linux Magazine. I agree with the comments on the color and the support for the project, but as I mentioned, the support for OpenXML was more important to me.

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