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Past Meets Present: Command Line Twitter Clients on Linux

terminal-102516-250x242Today in my inbox, which often overflows with notifications about open source software, I received two separate notifications which I plan to combine in one blog post. The first was a list of command line clients for Twitter for use under Linux. My main office machine runs Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak), and I date from those prehistoric times when one controlled a computer by typing text commands in a terminal (and even before), so there was no doubt I was going to inflict one of those on you. The other was a list of screencasting applications for linux, so how better to show the command line (including my own mistakes) than through screencasting!

I would say that I’m about as likely to use a command line Twitter client as any other, which is unfortunately a rarer thing than it should be for someone as dependent on social media as I am. I’m certainly going to keep it installed and will doubtless use it from time to time.

As for screencasting, that’s a great thing and I definitely plan to make more use of it in the future. Kazam has proven quite adequate to my needs, and I was able to install it on Ubuntu with a simple “sudo apt-get install kazam” and shazzam kazam!

Here’s the video:

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