Dreamweaver FTP Error

Today I was setting up a site to edit using PHP and MySQL with Dreamweaver 2017. I like to use a test site that’s on my VPS, not my local machine. There’s a little bit of overhead time, but a number of things work better. Basically the public site is xxxxx.com, while I use something like xxxxx.com/test for the test site. Then when all is said and done, I move the test site over the main one. (Normally this is a site I’m upgrading, not one I’m designing from scratch.)

I had no problem with the main site FTP, but the test site simply would not work. I could access the folder with FileZilla, with the FTP in my cPanel, and directly in a browser, but I kept getting the following error from Dreamweaver:

An FTP error occurred - cannot open server folder _____
Access denied. the file may not exist or there may be a permission problem.

I never did figure out the cause, but a quick workaround was to create an FTP for that subfolder from cPanel and use that with Dreamweaver. This may be a common solution, but in my quick search I didn’t find it.

(These questions are normally answered on the Adobe forums, but I’m not sure precisely where I’d put it, so perhaps someone will find it here and get help!)

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