Gutenberg is Coming!

Gutenberg is Coming!

Very soon now, WordPress will have a new editor, called Gutenberg. It has been in production for some time. I want to update my IT clients and authors about this change.

There are many lengthy reviews of Gutenberg, and many debates about its functionality. I’m going to keep this brief. Gutenberg is the technically oriented, design-competent writer’s dream. We’ll stay away from web design as such. This is about post design.

Let’s look at it first from my perspective. I’ll be activating Gutenberg on those sites I maintain. Why? It allows me to do a number of things I like to do without going into HTML. I can write and insert HTML and CSS quite quickly, but I have already tested it, and I can do it even more efficiently with Gutenberg. I do still end up using some blocks to insert HTML, but that’s just one of the hazards of being me.

If you like to add frills to your posts, including the use of images as more than a centered element, call-out boxes, etc., Gutenberg will make it easier. For a post such as this one, however, you’ll find you can create and edit it just as efficiently with the old editor.

So when you try to decide what to use, consider the way you work, and how much you enjoy learning new technology. Gutenberg will make things easier, but it will be a royal pain if you don’t take the time to learn how to use it effectively. It’s a different way of thinking about posts.

If you find you don’t like it, or for that matter, if you are sure you won’t and don’t want to try it, there’s a classic editor plugin you can install. Just search for and install it as you would any plugin. WordPress is also providing links to it as we get closer to implementing Gutenberg as the default in the next version.

If you’re one of my IT clients or an Energion Publications author (any imprint), and you need help with this, contact me, and I’ll be happy to help. Remember that all Energion authors are entitled to a free WordPress site on which to promote their book(s). You have but to ask!

(Note that Neufeld Computer Services and Energion Publications are now one company as Energion Publications, an information management company.)

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