First #AdobeSpark Project

Yesterday I attended a webinar by Adobe on the Adobe Spark app. Today I produced my first video. For those who, like me, might not be videographers or photographers, and yet need to produce some simple videos, I thought I’d show my work!

I should first confess that I did one post before I did the video, but it was extremely simple. I’m inserting it here:

That was pretty simple. The line drawing comes from, and I used a standard layout. It was just a featured image for a blog post.

The purpose of this video is to be on the page for our devotional category at Energion Publications. (Neufeld Computer Services is now part of my one information company.) It’s simple in concept.

I found that I had to make multiple slides out of the video for each line of text. There are several of these transitions that are a bit bumpy. I think in the future I’ll divide the video up in Premiere Pro where I can do it more precisely. I did it via the add video dialog, selecting 3 seconds at a time, and it was not too accurate.

Total work time was about two hours, so that’s not bad.

I’m extremely excited about Adobe Spark, which can be used free, though I have it as part of Creative Cloud, a set of applications I could not do without.

Here’s the video:

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