Learning to Use Java with OpenOffice.org

This post is more of a story and may not be all that helpful, but then again, it might.

I used to do a little bit of programming in Java, most applets, and so I decided I’d look at Java for OpenOffice.org and see where that got me. Having installed the SDK and gotten everything set up, including for C++ which is something I want to check out later. In any case I then went to the First Steps file (part of the SDK) and tried the first project. I broke out a Netbeans 5.5Beta that I had never tried, considering that I haven’t worked with Java for some time.

At some point I actually had it working and then I recreated it, and could not get the Ant script to work. Since I know nothing whatsoever about Ant scripts, I took a detour and tried out the OpenOffice.org Netbeans Integration Wizard and created the project that way. The wizard works well and Netbeans 5.5Beta had not problems with it. I continued on through and added the next example FirstLoadComponent.java, and that worked as well. The frightening thing is that the Java code is beginning to make some sense to me. I may work with that for some time.

In any case, that’s another step forward in moving myself from VBA to OpenOffice.org programming. My immediate plans involve writing a sort routine for a scripture index, but I’m going to do that in OO Basic. Otherwise I’m just going to continue playing.

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