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I tried to install MarcoEditor for Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird last night. Note that there is a warning on the support site about problems uninstalling the macro due to old format XPI file. I had no intention of uninstalling it, however, so I went ahead anyhow. Everything went well for Firefox, but when I installed it to Thunderbird something hung up or interrupted the install (I’m not sure which at this point) and so I had an incomplete installation and Thunderbird ceased functioning.

I’m not writing this to complain about the extension. In fact, I intend to revisit it as soon as I have time. I haven’t notified the developer, because it appears to be something he has already noted. What I want to note is the fix. In order to restore Thunderbird to complete functionality, I uninstalled the program and removed all files from the install directory. I did not have to remove the profile directory so nothing was lost. I had made a complete, convenient backup file of all the directories just in case, but everything restored correctly without a hiccup. Similar work was required on Firefox, but again I didn’t have to work on the profiles at all.

This looks like an interesting extension, but heed the warnings on the developer page!

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  1. Bacco
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    I just fall in the same ‘mistake’!!
    as you (I guess) I saw the warning only after having all the issues and looking for HOw to Uninstall… than, under install I noticed that there is a note for UNINSTALL.
    It does bother me quite a bit.

    If you ever know a easy way to uninstall, please, let me know.


  2. Bacco
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    … I managed to eliminate macroedit by renaming the file xpinstall.manifest. to xpinstall.manifest.old
    After reinstalling thunderbird (first I had uninstalled it) it seems that all works fine.
    I am not sure what that file is all about!
    So far so good…. all works and my mails are all that. So my other plugins!

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