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In my previous post on sorting a scripture index, I used a rather lousy way of telling where the index was in the document. This came back to bite me today when I changed the number of references to a scripture index in a manuscript. In order to avoid this, use the following code instead. This is the complete macro file with the change made.

REM  *****  BASIC  *****
REM  *****  Sort Scripture Inde *****
REM  *****  Henry Neufeld, *****
REM  *****  Feel free to use whatever of this code you find useful *****

'stuff is the workhorse array for this.  500 entries is arbitrary.  In the future I plan
'to have the routine redim if the array is too small.  For now 500 entries is quite adequate
Global stuff(500,6) as Variant '0 = paragraph text; 1=Object; 2=Page; 3=Passage
Const S_OBJ = 0  ' The TextElement Object
Const S_TEXT = 1  ' The actual text of the object; I swap the text between objects to sort
Const S_PAGE = 2  ' The page number from the line, used for the final sort
Const S_PASSAGE = 3 'used to detect identical entries so I can format duplicates
Const S_BOOK = 4 'S_BOOK, S_CHAPTER, and S_VERSE are used solely for sorting
Const S_CHAPTER = 5
Const S_VERSE = 6
Dim Bible() as String

Sub Main

End Sub

'Create the array of Bible books.  Modify this array to use different sort orders, add the apocrypha, and so forth
'This could be more efficient than a sequential search, but since I only use the routine a few times in the lifetime
'of any manuscript the difference in speed will be unimportant
Sub InitializeBible
	Bible = Array("Genesis", "Exodus", "Leviticus", "Numbers", "Deuteronomy", "Joshua", "Judges", "Ruth", "1 Samuel", "2 Samuel", "1 Kings", "2 Kings", _
					"1 Chronicles", "2 Chronicles", "Ezra", "Nehemiah", "Esther", "Job", "Psalm", "Proverbs", "Ecclesiastes", "Song of Solomon", _
					"Isaiah", "Jeremiah", "Lamentations", "Ezekiel", "Daniel", "Hosea", "Joel", "Amos", "Obadiah", "Jonah", "Micah", "Nahum", "Habakkuk", _
					"Zephaniah", "Haggai", "Zechariah", "Malachi", "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke", "John", "Acts", "Romans", "1 Corinthians", "2 Corinthians", _
					"Galatians", "Ephesians", "Philippians", "Colossians", "1 Thessalonians", "2 Thessalonians", "1 Timothy", "2 Timothy", "Titus", _
					"Philemon", "Hebrews", "James", "1 Peter", "2 Peter", "1 John", "2 John", "3 John", "Jude", "Revelation")
End Sub

'Sequentially searches the list of Bible books to conver the book into a number for sort purposes
Function BookNumber(bk as String) as Integer
	Dim i as Integer
	If bk = "" then
		BookNumber = 67
		Exit Function
	End If
	for i=0 to 65
		if Bible(i) = bk then Exit For
	next i
	BookNumber = i
End Function

'Splits the line of text into the elements of the "stuff" array
Sub SplitText(i as Integer)
	Dim txt,book,chap,verse as String
	dim c as Integer
	txt = stuff(i,S_TEXT)
	c = instr(txt,chr(9))
	'Alternatively the string will be empty or a completely invalid reference.
	If c > 0 Then
		stuff(i,S_PAGE) = Val(Mid(txt,c+1))
		txt = Left(txt,c-1)
		stuff(i,S_PASSAGE) = txt
		stuff(i,S_PAGE) = 0
	End If
	c = instr(3,txt," ")
	If c > 0 then
		book = Left(txt,c-1)
		book = ""
	End If
	txt = Mid(txt,c+1)
	stuff(i,S_BOOK) = BookNumber(book)
	c = instr(txt,":")
	if c > 0 then
		stuff(i,S_CHAPTER) = Val(Left(txt,c-1))
		txt = Mid(txt,c+1)
		c = instr(txt,"-")
		if c = 0 then c = instr(txt,"f")
		if c <> 0 then txt = left(txt,c-1)
		stuff(i,S_VERSE) = Val(txt)
		stuff(i,S_CHAPTER) = Val(txt)
		stuff(i,S_VERSE) = 0
	end if
End Sub

'In sorting I swap everything but the TextElement object, then put the sorted strings into the unsorted
'TextElement objects to create the fully sorted list
Sub Swap(i as Integer,j as Integer)
	Dim temp(6)
	Dim k as Integer
	'code to swap two elements of stuff here
	for k = 1 to 6
		temp(k) = stuff(i,k)
	next k
	for k=1 to 6
		stuff(i,k) = stuff(j,k)
	next k

	for k = 1 to 6
		stuff(j,k) = temp(k)
	next k	
End Sub

'The main routine.  Run this from the Macros menu (or create whatever means of starting it you wish)
Sub Paragraphs
Dim Doc As Object
Dim Enum As Object
Dim TextElement As Object
Dim p, cnt, idx,k as Integer
Dim psg, txt as String

Doc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent
Enum = Doc.Text.createEnumeration
p = 0
cnt = 0
idx = 0
While Enum.hasMoreElements
	TextElement = Enum.nextElement
	If TextElement.supportsService("") Then
		if p = 1 then
			cnt = cnt + 1
			stuff(idx,S_TEXT) = TextElement.String
			stuff(idx,S_OBJ) = TextElement
			idx = idx + 1	
			'This is the major change.  Rather than counting instances of
			'Scripture Index I just look for the paragraph that is Scripture Index
			'and nothing else, and that is the title.  Sort everything after that.
			'Note that this still will not handle anything after the index.
			if TextElement.String = "Scripture Index" Then p = 1
		End If
	End If

k = idx - 1
'Sorts the list

'Sets the sorted strings into the correct TextElements and blanks out the passage on multiple entries
'for the same passage
psg = ""
for p=0 to k
	If psg <> stuff(p,S_PASSAGE) Then
		psg = stuff(p,S_PASSAGE)
		txt = stuff(p,S_TEXT)
		txt = Mid(txt,InStr(txt,Chr(9)))
		stuff(p,S_TEXT) = txt
	End If
	stuff(p,S_OBJ).String = stuff(p,S_TEXT)
next p

MsgBox "Finished"
End Sub

'Comparison based on book number, then chapter, then verse, then the text of the passage reference
'which orders verses like Psalm 8:5-7 or 2 Timothy 3:16ff, then finally by the page number
Function Comp(i as Integer, j as Integer) as Integer
	if stuff(i,S_BOOK) <> stuff(j,S_BOOK) then
		Comp = stuff(i,S_BOOK) - stuff(j,S_BOOK)
		Exit Function
	End If
	if stuff(i,S_CHAPTER) <> stuff(j,S_CHAPTER) then
		Comp = stuff(i,S_CHAPTER) - stuff(j,S_CHAPTER)
		Exit Function
	End If
	If stuff(i,S_VERSE) <> stuff(j,S_VERSE) Then
		Comp = stuff(i,S_VERSE) - stuff(j,S_VERSE)
		Exit Function
	End If
	If stuff(i,S_PASSAGE) > stuff(j,S_PASSAGE) Then
		Comp = 1
		Exit Function
	ElseIf stuff(i,S_PASSAGE) < stuff(j,S_PASSAGE) Then
		Comp = -1
		Exit Function
	End If
	Comp = stuff(i,S_PAGE) - stuff(j,S_PAGE)
End Function

'I use a QSort just because I had one I'd written in C++ to convert.
Sub QSort(left as Integer, right as Integer)
	Dim i, last as Integer

	if left >= right Then Exit Sub

	last = left
	for i=left+1 to right
		if Comp(left,i) > 0 then
			last = last + 1
		end if
	next i
End Sub

This should still be regarded as alpha!

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  1. Phil
    | Reply

    I'm working on indexing my books (, but I can't see a way to create an OOo User-Defined index that will organize alphabetically, rather than by page number. Any ideas?


  2. admin
    | Reply

    It would be fairly easy to modify my scripture index macro to sort alphabetically simply by replacing the portions that split up the entry with something that just splits the text of the entry from the page number. Then you’d change the Comp function with a simple string comparison. It would be almost all a matter of deletion.

    If I get some time I’ll take a stab at it and post the result here. I’m pretty swamped this weekend, but I might get to it early next week.

  3. Phillip Ross
    | Reply


    Did you ever do anything with this Open Office Scripture index project?


  4. admin
    | Reply

    As clarification, I'm using the scripture index part. I never made the alphabetical sorting part. I will try to remember to do so, but reminders would be in order!

  5. Henry Neufeld
    | Reply

    It slipped me completely. Would you still be interested? I’ll take a look. Feel free to remind me by email at

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