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I’ve become much more appreciative of Twitter as time goes on (my profile is here) as time goes on.  At first it seemed like a waste of time, but I decided to try it.  In looking around for folks who were using Twitter in a serious way.  I think there should be a simple social element to use of Twitter.  For me this involves starting to get better acquainted with online friends, especially bloggers I like to read.

But in looking around I also encountered posts about Twitter by Tony Hsieh, CEO of  In one of these he invited folks to follow him, so I did.  Then I decided to find out what his company was about. On their home page, the first thing I noticed was what he sells, but then my eyes fell on this:


You might think my point here is that I became a customer and so his work with twitter paid off.  Actually, anyone trying to sell apparel items to me is likely to go broke.  I’m a Walmart sort of guy, and even they get very little of my income.  But I looked at that line and said, “This is good.”

Then I recalled that one of the ways I got clients for this company was by using the lines from my “goal guru” page.  I’m not trying to increase my client base for this part of the business right now, because we’re moving heavily to both web and print publishing (as Energion Publications) but I thought, “I really need to get something better to tell people in one line why they should deal with my company.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this, but just looking at the web site was stimulating. I’ve started work on good slogans, certainly better than what I’m using now.

I’d say that’s a slightly odd but good side effect of using Twitter!

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