I Hate Automated Virtual Gifts and Blessings

I have no use for them.  They are worthless.  They are ubiquitous on Facebook, and now I see them on Twitter as well.

If you’re a friend, and you send me one of these sorts of messages, don’t be surprised that you receive no answer or acknowledgment.  I get them by the dozens, and even if I liked them, I wouldn’t have time to respond to them.

The internet can provide opportunities to interact with people all over the world.  I’ve met some folks I regard as among my best friends via the internet.  Some of them I have never even met in person.  But there is a common thread in all cases.  We actually communicated about things that were important to us.  We didn’t click on a link in a “blessing app” or send somebody some random piece from a “virtual peace app.”  We actually read one another’s words, looked at one another’s pictures, and then communicated.

Nuff said!

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