Amazon Eating the World?
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There’s an interesting article in Bloomsberg BusinessWeek titled Amazon, the Company that Ate the World. The title may seem just a bit over the top, but the content is interesting. I enjoyed the commentary on‘s business strategy.

I admit to some concern as companies like Apple and now even Google try to lock up the markets. Amazon has been guilty of this as well, but I think the best defense is the fact that multiple companies, all major players, are trying for this goal.

Face it! We pretty much all want the services that can only be provided by these larger companies. We can’t expect them not to want to dominate their markets. Each of them have done so by providing something that people want, and doing it well.

I look forward to seeing how the ebook reader and tablet game plays out. Personally, I’m much more interested in Android than any of Apple’s products, but since I haven’t put down hard cash yet (I’m still using a rather inadequate convertible tablet with many faults), I’m not yet fully committed.

For what it’s worth (very little), the key to a tablet for me would be having VNC for remote control. If I have internet and can hook up to my office PC, I’m a happy man. And since that’s available for both Android and iOS, how can I be truly disappointed?


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