Fake Chrome Font Pack Alert

I got this via e-mail alert from Barkly and thence to Bleeping Computer.

Here’s the takeaway:

What everyone should take away from this is that if you see a popup on a page stating that you need to download a Chrome Font Pack, you should immediately close the browser and not visit the site again. An alert like this is just an indication that something is not right with the site and it should be avoided.

Read the article for technical details, but for most readers of this blog, this takeaway is enough. If you’re one of my regular clients, please call me as always before executing anything that seems different. If you find a web site that looks scrambled, leave it immediately. If it’s something you need, let me know and I can check it out for you safely.

In general, the rule is not to do anything you don’t know you intend to do. I know this makes it tough, because you need to do updates to software. But if you suddenly get a notice when you visit a web site, or you get a notice that is not for software you know you installed, you need to check before you let it proceed.

Finally, of course, you need good backups, off site backups that include versioning.

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