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I have been working on using layout blocks for some more complicated WordPress layouts, including a new set of buyer’s guides to various topics. I haven’t really gotten enough expertise to post helpful things on how this works, but I found a site I hadn’t been using before, and I want to link to that.

On the site Gutenberg Hub I found an excellent article on the layout blocks, and thereby found a good resource for doing more with Gutenberg. You’ll be seeing pages I built starting from that article soon on this site and on Energion Direct. (Remember that my two older companies, Neufeld Computer Services and Energion Publications evolved toward one another and are now one company.)

The Kadence block is the one that seems to work for my purposes, but my purpose in this link is to point to the site.

Many WordPress users complain about the whole new block editor. If you’re just going to do what you did before, there’s probably little benefit. An ordinary blog on which you write text posts doesn’t benefit a great deal. But if you are looking to make more creative pages and layouts, something I need to do for my publishing company, then Gutenberg is a real improvement.

In general, when criticizing some change in any area of endeavor, it’s helpful to consider the context. Why are you using it? When I want to write a thousand or so word essay, something I do frequently, Gutenberg is OK, but it doesn’t make my life easier. When I want to lay out pages, such as the enhanced book pages (this one for example, which also uses the Kadence Tabs block) I’m creating to combine my store with this site, then Gutenberg is far superior.

Yes, I can code. I can write a page’s code in PHP, create my own template, and produce what I want. I just don’t have time to do that over and over. Gutenberg has changed that process for the better, and Gutenberg Hub looks like a good resource for help in learning new uses.

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