Yet Again Phishing Emails

… along with other annoying things.

But today I was reminded of these emails when Jody showed me one she got that purported to be from Amazon. The folks who do this stuff know that a whole bunch of people shop on Amazon, so they create a fake email and choose a price that many people will find shocking enough so that they will jump right on it to get it fixed. This one was for $399.99. Jody, being wife of an IT guy, didn’t click anything, and she identified numerous reasons why it was fake, but she made sure I saw it. I’ve received queries about similar emails from a number of people.

Here’s the rule: Unless you absolutely know an email is valid (and that’s hard to do), don’t click on links in the email. If they say some huge charge is coming from a major vendor, such as Amazon, go directly to that company’s site. Assuming you have an account, log into it, and see what they say. If it’s about your credit or debit card, go directly to the provider.

Again, when you’re tempted to click on the link in any email, just don’t! The exception is when you are 100% certain.

Scammers are out there and they know how to get you.

In addition, if possible get some protection on your email. If you’re one of my clients, you have it. Otherwise, get something.

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