Use Your Tools

I find people’s reaction to various technological tools somewhat baffling. If your child is about to use a hammer, you’ll likely give her some pointers. There’s a learning curve. If it’s a power tool, the instruction may be more careful. When the tool is technological, we tend to fear it and decline to spend the time actually learning to use it.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Ordinary Users

Computers users have gotten used to using user names, passwords, and pins to secure their data. They may not be thinking of it in terms like “securing my data,” but they don’t want snoopy people in their phones, tablets, or computers. Unfortunately, many people have passwords or pins that may be easily guessed.

Gutenberg is Coming!

Very soon now, WordPress will have a new editor, called Gutenberg. It has been in production for some time. I want to update my IT clients and authors about this change. There are many lengthy reviews of Gutenberg, and many … Read More

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