WP-CLI Issue with VPS

If you don’t know what that means, you’re not interested in this post! 🙂 I installed wp-cli on my development server in the office, and while I’m still in the learning process, it is already quite helpful. Creating a framework … Read More

On Breaking Up Tech Companies

I try to stay away from politics, and will definitely stay away from advocating for or against parties or candidates, but sometimes—quite frequently in fact—politics and technology impact one another. And don’t even mention my other activities in religion! I … Read More

Using Social Media Wisely

Twenty years ago, I might have told someone to refuse to listen to gossip, and to check any stories they did hear carefully. “You need to get to the source,” I would say. There’s a reason that Paul puts gossip … Read More

Getting Used to Device Security

I have made the point before that security and convenience tend to conflict. Having a secure password is harder than having one that’s easy to remember. Generally, if it’s easy to remember it’s easy to crack. Two-Factor Authentication is similarly … Read More

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