Getting Used to Device Security

I have made the point before that security and convenience tend to conflict. Having a secure password is harder than having one that’s easy to remember. Generally, if it’s easy to remember it’s easy to crack. Two-Factor Authentication is similarly … Read More

Another Adobe Spark Project

Tomorrow this will be on all our (Energion Publications) social media streams, commemorating Martin Luther King Day. This was creating using Adobe Spark, a simple script, and a few images from our library and from Adobe Stock. I have thus … Read More

A New Grocery Shopping Experience

The story in retailing these days is struggling to compete with Groceries have been largely exempt. But now the online giant is coming for your grocery business and local grocery stores have to fight back. One option, which brick-and-mortar … Read More

Merry Christmas

The GIF below was created on a background made using Adobe Spark, with graphics from Adobe Stock. I created the final animation using Photoshop. What I have found is that Adobe Spark is very good for creating individual graphic posts … Read More

The Demise of Google+

Google+ will cease to exist in April. Google has had too little use and too many security issues. My favorite comment on this is from Significant Digits, a daily set of notes on numbers in the news. It reports this … Read More

First #AdobeSpark Project

Yesterday I attended a webinar by Adobe on the Adobe Spark app. Today I produced my first video. For those who, like me, might not be videographers or photographers, and yet need to produce some simple videos, I thought I’d … Read More

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