Linux Enlightenment Desktop

Since I have a project to provide free computers to those who cannot afford them (I’ll be creating a page about this soon), and since I use a version of Linux to accomplish my mission, I’m always on the lookout … Read More

The Future Truck?

“It doesn’t look like anything else,” said Musk, and he wasn’t wrong. Tesla Cybertruck: Revenge of the nerds makes a smashingly awkward debut Yep. More or less. And yet, I wouldn’t go betting on complete failure. This is Elon Musk, … Read More


Smishing is sending a faked text to your phone in an attempt to gain personal information. This personal information can be used to gain access to other accounts. Here’s a link with more information. It’s targeted at me, as a … Read More

A Note on Statistical Deception

I recently saw a comment asserting that “people lie, but numbers don’t lie.” This should be put up against this: “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Numbers indeed don’t lie. They’re just numbers, but like “guns don’t kill, people … Read More

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