WordPress with Static Home Page and Posts Page

I noticed a great deal of discussion on this while I was setting up a new site (The Jesus Paradigm), and since it seems that everyone who has written about it is doing something a bit more complicated than I wanted to do or than some folks on the forum wanted, I thought I’d write a short and obvious post.  (There’s a good one here if you want more.)

OK, you want to use word press with a static page as the landing page for new visitors, but still have a normal looking posts page that can be reached through a link.  All of it is simple; none of it was obvious.

1.  Create a blank page and name it whatever you want to name the page with your posts

2.  Create your landing page.  (Both steps one and two are done with the Pages editor.)

3.  Go to Settings->Reading.

4.  Choose the “A static page” radio button

5.  Set the “Front Page” drop down box to the title of your landing page.

6.  Set the “Posts Page” drop down box to the title of the blank page your created in step 1.

7.  You are done.

This isn’t particularly complicated.  My initial problem was that I expected it to be more complicated than it was and spent some effort trying to make it so!

It’s a mite non-intuitive to me to set all this under Settings->Reading, but I’m not sure anything else would be that much more obvious.

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