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Remind Employees (and Yourself)

To maintain information you need to regularly remind yourself and your employees to be attentive in their use of tools. We learn to follow certain safety rules with power tools, but often we forget to be similarly attentive with the devices that store and (hopefully) protect our information

Some (but by no means all) things to keep your eye on:

  1. Is that email with an attachment from someone you know and trust?
  2. Really?
  3. Can you trust the email sender to be attentive and not forward something dangerous inadvertently?
  4. When you click, “Yes” or “OK” on that dialog in Windows, are you certain you are telling the computer to do what you want it to do?
  5. Do you sign off of your computer whenever you leave it?
  6. Are you paying attention to security warnings?

The cost of being careless or inattentive can be very high.

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