CNAME Record for Google/Feedburner MyBrand on IPower

Google’s Feedburner has several sets of instructions for various hosting platforms to set up your CNAME record in order to use MyBrand. They also make it pretty clear that they don’t provide customer support and if you screw it up you’re on your own–for which I don’t blame them.

They don’t provide instructions for doing this on IPower. (Note that I use IPower as a reseller for sites I support, and this would be part of the service I provide to my resold sites.)

So let me warn you first–if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do this. If these instructions turn on a light bulb, and you understand how it works, then go ahead at your own risk. Read the large warnings from IPower that are in red as you start.

In order to have a CNAME record you must set up a custom DNS record for the domain in question. For example, I wanted the MyBrand URL to be is not the main domain on this server–it points to a separate folder. That doesn’t matter.

You choose the appropriate domain from the drop down box, then click “Go.” When the page has been refreshed enter the accountsupport IP in the box with the little red star to the right (see picture below). Then in the subdomains section enter your subdomain (feeds in this case), and the URL that Google provided you. Finally, enter at least one MX record under the Mail section. In my case, since I don’t use any e-mail addresses under, I simply used the suggested accountsupport e-mail.

Save your zone file. The system will fill in a couple of necessary things like a www subdomain with the proper numbers.

It can take up to 48 hours to propagate through the system. Mine actually only took about an hour before everything was running through the new URL.

Remember that if you have a substantially different setup than I do, this could change. I take no responsibility whatsoever for this working on your account (always assuming I’m not the one doing it, which is another matter), because I don’t know what other complications you may have.

Example Custom DNS Setup
Example Custom DNS Setup

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